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The Undisputed Leader in Hoops Education


To lead the way in basketball education, providing guidance, mentorship and opportunities to coaches, parents and players.


Our goal is to consistently provide a focused, structured learning environment while instilling passion, work ethic and skill to our basketball community. We will do this through all that we do, including every facet of our instruction - at camp, at our events and our products.


In 2000, Steve Beck brought the vision to the Greater Washington area.  We are the leading instructional basketball camp in the area. Greater Washington All-Star Basketball Camp is most proud of the opportunity to work with players and raise their game to their highest level. This has enabled tens of thousands of participants to play basketball in college and beyond.



Unfortunately, for reasons outside of our control, we will be unable to hold camp this summer at Riverdale Baptist.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.







Personal Training

Small Class/Team Instruction

Greater Washington All-Star Basketball is now offering personalized training for individuals who are committed to bettering themselves with the proper instruction. Whether your child is trying to make a team, trying to better his or her skill set and knowledge of the game, or attempting to be a special player on his or her team, Greater Washington All-Star Basketball's Personal Instruction will assist players in reaching their goals. Greater Washington All-Star Basketball's Instruction will focus on improving the child's attributes mentally and physically. With a focus on fundamentals, the teachings will attempt to maximize your child's potential in the game of basketball.

Specific Areas of Focus

• On Court Attitude and Assertiveness
• Mental Approach to the Game of Basketball
• Skill Development, Proper Fundamentals and Technique
• Individualized Drills Customized Toward Acheiving Identified Goals
• Overall Conditioning Modified for Basketball
• Understanding of the Game within the Game
• Developing Confidence and Self-Assurance
• Enhancing the Players' Skill Set: Shooting, Ballhandling, Defense, Passing and Footwork

Development Sessions

Our sessions are for players who are serious about player development. We want to target young boys and girls who want to push themselves to be the best basketball players that they can be. We want self-motivated players who want to get better. Individualized Instruction Sessions are small group workout sessions for boys and girls of all ages. Workout sessions will work on all facets of the game. We will spend the most time emphasizing ball handling, shooting, and offensive footwork. Sessions will consist of small groups of 1-6 players at a time. Sessions are for 60-minute periods.

• Cost per class (4 sessions): $120

For locations, times, and more information please contact Bryan Wilson at


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